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image067701Coleman's Military Surplus Hat - White
High quality stitched-logo hat with the Coleman's Military Surplus logo.
image069401U.S. G.I. Polartec® Hat, Classic Micro
These hats are made of 100% Polyester with the soft fleece feel. Like its predecessor, the U.S. G.I. wool cap, this hat is ...
image041201Balaclava, G.I. Polypropylene
Polypropylene is the hottest thing in thermal underwear on the market! This government issue 100% polypropylene is 1/16 in ...
image042501Balaclava, Nomex(R)
Cover your head, ears, nose, chin, neck, and even your upper chest and back with these dickey style balaclavas. Made from ...
image065301Balaclava, U.S. G.I. Wool, -10° C. Rating
Cover your head, ears, nose, chin, neck and your upper chest and back with this dickey style balaclava. Made with a double ...
image550201British Police Bowler Cap
Worn by the WPC (Women’s Patrol Committee), this black felt Bowler or Derby style cap can add a bit of style to your wardrobe ...
image530501Czech Military Tube Scarf/Neck Warmer, 3 pack
This 38” long tube-like turtle neck is to be worn as a scarf or gathered around your neck, pulled up over your nose and cheeks ...
image068101Genuine Italian Military White Balaclava
No need to stretch the face opening out of shape to eat or drink. This balaclava's zipper gives you the option of an open or closed mouth area ...
image044901U.S. G.I. Flame/Flash Resistant Hood, 2 pack
Designed to cover and protect your head and shoulders. These lightweight hoods are made of 80% PFR rayon and 20% PBR. Face hole is surrounded with elastic ...
image068601Genuine Cold War Era Russian Military Ushanka
Attention Collectors! Extreme conditions call for extreme head gear. These 1970’s Ushankas not only protect your head, they also protect your ears, neck, and chin ...
image068501Russian Winter Hat
Made for the extreme cold winters in Russia, these hats were produced in the 1980’s - early 1990’s for Russia’s Army. Olive Drab canvas top with faux fur on ear flaps, visor, and neck collar ...
image061701Extreme Cold Weather Mask, 10 pack
These Government Issue masks are top of the line for those in snowing, -20 degrees wind chill factor weather conditions. This 3-piece kit comes with an adjustable head harness, pull tab chin adj
image060101Extreme Cold Weather Mask, 3 Pack
These Government Issue masks are top of the line for those snowing, -20 degrees wind chill factor weather conditions. This ...
image060701Hat, Boonie
Make your BDU (battle dress uniform) complete with this very popular boonie hat. These 100% poly/cotton hats may be machine-washed and dried ...
image067601Mask, Extreme Cold Weather, U.S. G.I., 2 pack
Keep warm with this U.S. Military Extreme Cold Weather Mask. Rayon & Wool felt lining. Vinyl outside covering. Nose and ventilated mouth covering snap open ...
image067101Waterproof Hood, U.S. G.I. Cold Weather, 2 pack
Authentic military hood is designed to accommodate the G.I. Cold Weather Parka. Waterproof/breathable hood designed to keep you warm and dry ...
image550101British Police Bobby Helmet
Just like you’d remember from an old movie, or maybe your last trip abroad. The British police officer in his Bobby helmet, with his night stick and a whistle ...
image550301British Police Visor Cap
Worn by the male officers of the British Police this peaked cap is sure to grab attention with the black and white checked band (called SillitoeTartan) around the hat ...
image358701Cross Necklace, 24 in. beaded chain
100% Stainless steel genuine military issue necklace is being issued to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. 24 in. beaded chain ...
image530401Dutch Army Winter Hat
Issued to the Dutch Army this warm winter hat has a cotton outer fabric and a wool/acrylic inner lining. Equipped with hook ...
image500801East German DDR Naval Visor Hat, 2 pack
This is an East German Army visor hat that is believed to be from the Cold War era. We think they were manufactured sometime in the mid 1980’s around the time of the collapse of the wall ...
image530801French Bush Hat
Wider brimmed than the military boonie hat, this hat will give you optimal protection from the elements with a similar look ...
image530901French Military Boonie Hat
Nice lid! Protect your head and blend into the bush while sporting your woodland camo French boonie hat. Perfect during those long hot summer days to keep the sun off your head and neck ...
image550401German Winter Hat, 2 pack
Made for the cold winters in Germany, this cap not only keeps your head warm, but also your ears, chin, and neck. Lined with ...
image061301Insect Head Net
Whether you're in the deepest Amazon jungles or just pulling weeds in your backyard, don't be without this U.S. Military head net ...
image502001Russian Military Enlisted Men’s Cap
Here is a piece of history we threw together for you collectors. You not only get the Enlisted Men’s Cap (sizes may vary), ...
image069201Russian Officers Visor Hat
These wool gabardine hats are perfect to display. Black top and visor with brown piping and band. These authentic hats were ...
image530701Swedish Military Universal Bandana, 10 pack
This square piece of cotton material has oodles of applications. It can be worn as a scarf, bandana, or sweat-band. They ...
image069001U.S. G.I. Airmen’s Garrison Hat, 2 pack
Issued to the US air force these blue garrison hats are made of a polyester, wool blend on the outside, and have a rayon lining on the inside ...
image530001U.S. G.I. Anti-Flash Hood, 2 pack
This moisture wicking, anti-microbial, anti-odor Anti-Flash lightweight balaclava. This style hood is worn by our elite troops ...
image068401U.S. G.I. Drill Sergeant’s Campaign Hat
Abooout Face, Fooorward March! Now you can take command of your own troops. These Drill Sergeants Hats are from the Garrison Collection, which will be a nice addition to any collection ...
image473801U.S. G.I. ESS Profile NVG™ Goggles
ESS (Eye Safety System) Profile NVG™ Goggles. These Low profile goggles give you an extra wide field of view. Anti-microbial OpFoam™ face padding adds to the comfort and fit of these goggles ...
image530301U.S. G.I. Miracool® Bandana, 25 pack
Used by our military to keep our troops cool in extreme heat. Whether you’re at work or play these neck coolers are a must have for anyone trying to keep cool ...
image530201U.S. G.I. Miracool® Bandana, 6 pack
Used by our military to keep our troops cool in extreme heat. Whether you’re at work or play these neck coolers are a must have for anyone trying to keep cool ...
image474001U.S. G.I. Replacement Chin Strap, 3 pack
Designed for the current issue PASGT Kevlar Helmet. Adjustable ¾” nylon straps with brass fittings and a comfortable 5/8” cotton webbing chin cup ...
image069501U.S. G.I. Service Cap Frame
Designated for enlisted men, these service cap frames are ready for you to add the cover and/or crown. Frame includes the band, visor, grommet and support and stay assembly ...
image501201Vintage Soviet Air Force Pilot’s Goggles
These are the real deal!!! Worn by Soviet pilots during the WWII era. Featuring curved safety lenses encased in a ventilated ...
image066701White Service Hat, Navy
Type I White Service hat. Size 812;.
image068001U.S. G.I. Handkerchief, Vietnam Era, 12 pack
AUTHENTIC U.S. Military Issue. These multi-purpose handkerchiefs, are handy in your pocket or can be worn as a bandana, or use to shield your face from wind and dust ...
image062101U.S. G.I. Neckerchief/Scarf, 12 pack
AUTHENTIC U.S. Military Issue. These multi-purpose neckerchiefs can be worn as a bandanna, a scarf, or to shield your face from wind and dust ...
image065401Boonie Hat, U.S. G.I. Desert Pattern
Unissued 6 color Desert Pattern Boonie Hat is available in size 6 7/8.
image065501Boonie Hat, U.S. G.I. Desert Pattern, 3 Pack
Unissued 6 color Desert Pattern Boonie Hat is available in size 6 7/8. 3 pack.
image062901Derby Hat w/Ear Flaps
Stylish yet functional. When ole' man winter is trying to breathe down your neck, you'll not only look great, you'll be warm! ...
image060601Derby Hat, Woodland
Look like a true G.I. in this military style cap. Made in the U.S.A. Top quality, 2-ply cotton. Available in Woodland camo ...
image063501Fluorescent Knit Hat
Fluorescent orange 2-ply knit ski-style pull-on hat. Fits both kids and adults. Hats are factory seconds with slight imperfections ...
image064001Fluorscent Knit Hat, 10 pack
Fluorescent orange 2-ply knit ski-style pull-on hat. Fits both kids and adults. Hats are factory seconds with slight imperfections ...
image355201Suspension, Kevlar Helmet, 2 Suspensions
Kevlar Helmet suspension has 6 holes to attach to helmet screws. Adjustable for a comfortable and stable fit. Size small. Unused/Unissued. Price includes 2 helmet suspensions.
image069901Swiss Eye® S.W.A.T. Mask
Shield yourself from the sun, dust, wind, insects and injuries with this Swiss Eye® Neoprene face mask. This unique mask ...
image060301Cold Weather Cap, Camo, Barely used
These genuine U.S. Government issue caps are the best around. These lined caps are adjustable and fit snug to your head. Every sportsman should have one of these
image069101Genuine Russian Ushanka
These black faux fur Ushankas were produced with the same type of materials and in the same factory that made army issued Ushankas years ago ...
image069801Soviet Budenovka Hat
This unique hat has a pointy top. Unbutton and let down the long sides, they will cover your ears, neck and chin. This hat ...
image530601German Army Flecktarn Boonie Hat
Make your Flecktarn outfit complete with this genuine German boonie hat. Made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Hats are machine washable with regular drying ...

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