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image404601U.S. G.I. Hip Pads/Universal Padding, 20 pack
These pads were originally made to fasten to the Modular Tactical Vest. These flexible pads could be used in other applications like as shoulder back or knee pads ...
image018201German Police Parka, Waterproof/Insulated
Manufactured by Ziegler's, who is a well recognized company in Germany. This olive drab parka features a waterproofed nylon ...
image501301German Military Kevlar Helmet
Patterned after the U.S. Kevlar helmet this is the most comfortable Kevlar helmet we've seen in quite some time. Complete ...
image018801German Military Pluto Security Vest
Fashioned for warmth and functionality alike, these insulated vests will be the one that you grab when you’re heading out the door ...
image473601U.S. G.I. MOLLE Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Vest
MOLLE is the replacement for the All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment system (ALICE). This Genuine U.S. G ...
image385701U.S. G.I. Wall Mountable Lock Box
These steel boxes mounted to a wall are an excellent place to keep all your treasures, collectables, or small weapons locked up ...
image472301Insulated MSP-4 Enhanced Hydration Backpack with Bladder Kit
Inside of this insulated heavy duty backpack made of nylon canvas material features storage of a removable 2 Liter (67.628 ounces) bladder kit ...
image472601U.S. G.I. Handcuffs Case, 2 pack, Unused
Black leather handcuffs case featuring a brass snap closure (style and color of snap may vary) and a rear belt loop. Unused condition ...
image472701U.S. G.I. Handcuffs Case, 2 pack, Used
Black leather handcuffs case featuring a brass snap closure (style and color of snap may vary) and a rear belt loop. Used condition, minor cosmetic blemishes ...
image472001Arena FlakJak Goggles
These authentic U.S. Military Issue goggles were designed to have a wide range of vision. All lenses provide UVA and UVB protection, fog reduction and anti reflective properties ...
image285001Ballistic and Laser Protective Glasses/Goggles, B-LPS, U.S. G.I.
Made of Polycarbonate, and designed to give maximum field of view with a minimum of distortion. One pair has lenses for sun protection, the other pair contains a clear lens ...
image354801Baton, Night Stick, Unused
Made in the USA by the Monadnock® Co. 114 in. diameter. 36 in. long.
image354701Baton/Night Stick, US GI, Used
US stamped baton has a fluted grip which prevents twisting and provides a secure hold. Measures 3534 in. long. Approx. 112 in ...
image473001Belgian Tactical Harness/Vest
These lightweight vests are made out of a durable, camo canvas. They have padded shoulder straps and sides for additional comfort ...
image473301Euro Leather Baton Holster
These baton holsters/holders are used, but we think of them as just already broken-in. They are so well constructed that you will still get many years of use out of them ...
image289401French Military Sun, Wind & Dust Goggles, Bolle
French military sun, wind, and dust goggles. These are light weight and flexible goggles that provide eye protection. These vented goggles have foam padded eye pieces that offer added comfort ...
image024001Italian Military Leather Belt
Made for the Italian Armed Forces, this 2” wide stylish leather belt can be worn to add a touch of class to that outfit that just needs a little bit more ...
288101Lawrence Metal Products Tensabarrier®
Tensabarriers® provide the most economical way of controlling crowds. This model 890 retails for $175, has a four way connector and a black wrinkle finish ...
image224301Pistol Belt, G.I. Style
Keep your pistol, canteen, flashlight, knives, or pouches accessible at all times. U.S. Government Issue Style pistol belt is made of heavy-duty 214; in ...
image361901Pistol Belt, U.S. G.I., PVC Clasp
Keep your pistol, canteen, flashlight, knives, or pouches accessible at all times. U.S. Government Issue pistol belt is made of heavy-duty 2 1/4 in ...
image471001Police Belt Keeper
Made of black polypro webbing this double snap belt keeper has velcro on the backside. Keeps your belt firmly in place! Measures 614 in ...
image289801Swiss Military Glacier Goggles, Cebe®
CEBE® has been manufacturing extreme condition goggles for the Swiss military mountain riflemen for over 100 years. The extreme ...
image473701U.S. G.I. Body Armor Vest, Low Visibility
These vests are designed to hold and position body armor inserts that protect the torso, both front and back. Vest and components ...
image287201U.S. G.I. Elbow Pad
Authentic Military Issue. Hard plastic cap with ˝ dense padding. Neoprene like sleeve and adjustable nylon straps. Nylon straps attach with hook and loop fastener ...
image289901U.S. G.I. Elbow Pads, ACU
Military issue elbow pads are in the universal camouflage color (ACU) with an outer cap of foliage green. Neoprene like sleeve ...
image287301U.S. G.I. Knee Pads
Authentic Military Issue. Hard plastic cap with ˝ dense padding. Neoprene like sleeve and adjustable nylon straps. Nylon straps attach with hook and loop fastener ...
image472101U.S. G.I. MOLLE II Fighting Load Carrier (FLC) Vest
Genuine U.S. G. I. Military Issue. This vent has a mesh front and open back to keep you cool, adjustable chest and waist straps, heavy duty buckles and zippers, all pockets have snap and hook and lo
image364301U.S. G.I. Pistol Belt Extender
This GI pistol belt extender fits the clip release style pistol belt. Total length is 9.5in, but extends roughly 6in. OD green in unused/unissued conditon ...
image359401U.S. G.I. Police Riot Baton, 22", Wood/Black
US Stamped Riot Baton. Measures apprx. 22 in. Unused. May have minor paint chips or scratching from storage. Wood. Weighs just ...
image288001U.S. G.I. Quick Release Knee Pads
Authentic Military Issue. Smaller style, features easy on/off two strap quick release system. Hard rubber cap and thick padding for protection ...
image287701U.S. G.I. Riot Face Shield
These are GENUINE U.S. G.I. Issue. Fits the G.I. Kevlar Helmet. Clear shield flips up and down or can adjust to any position ...
image472201U.S. G.I. Tactical Vest
These vests were made for the Government and have US insignia on the back. They are woodland camo made of 100% nylon and are light weight ...
image471901US. GI. Pistol Holster, M1916
This .45 Caliber Pistol Holster was originally manufactured for the M1916. They are top quality and were made for the US Army out of premium leather ...
image471501Vest, Tactical
Vest made of a heavy duty nylon/polyester breathable mesh material with durable nylon edge piping for comfort and durability ...
image3644017 French Ammo Pouches
These 3 compartment pouches are waterproof and feature a hook and loop closure. There are two 2” wide belt loops on the back, and 2 metal rings ...
image473401British Military Load Bearing Vest
This is the latest issue desert color tactical load carrying vest being worn by the military worldwide. This system comes ...
image492101Chinese Military SKS Bandolier, 1970’s –1980’s
Manufactured in the 1970’s –1980’s from heavy cotton canvas this is not your typical 10 pocket bandolier. Equipped with 6 larger pouches measuring approx ...
image098901Magazine Pouch, U.S. G.I. .45 Caliber
Heavy duty cotton canvas dual mag .45 cal. pouch measures 334 x 6 in. high. Two standard military pistol belt clips included ...
image472401Merced Insulated Hydration Backpack with Bladder
Inside of this heavy duty nylon canvas insulated backpack stores your 2 Liter (67.628 ounces) removable bladder kit which also features drinking tube, bite value, and easy fill cap ...
image491501MOLLE II M4 Three Mag Pouch, ACU Digital
These heavy duty M4 MOLLE II pouches are a must for shooters. Measuring 10” x 6 ˝”. Each pouch snaps close with a heavy duty snap ...
image470001Nylon Handcuff Pouch
Nylon Handcuff Pouch is equipped with a nylon belt loop on the backside. Top flap closes with hook and loop fastener. Black color ...
image224501SKS Bandolier, Vintage Chinese Military
10 pocket cotton canvas bandolier can carry 10 times the ammo and supplies you need. Measures 412; in. x 212; in. x 1 in ...
image379901U.S. G.I. Hand Grenade Pouch, 6 pack
Originally manufactured as a Molle Hand Grenade Pouch these pouches are the right size for a grenade. In the civilian world ...
image379701U.S. G.I. M16 Bandoleer, holds six 5.56 magazines, Woodland
These heavy duty M4/M16 bandoleers are a must for shooters. Holds six 5.56 magazines or whatever else you may want to carry ...
image374601U.S. G.I. Saw Gunner Pouch, MOLLE II, 200 round, 2 pack
NSN: 8465-01-532-2399. Government Issue 200 Round Saw Gunner Pouch, MOLLE II. Great for storing ammunition or anything else ...
image018101French Leather Jacket
Originally constructed as a French Fire Brigade Jacket, these black sheepskin jackets can used by more people, such as a motorcyclist, snowmobiler, traffic director, security guard, or many other app
image490801Chinese Military AK 47 Chest Rig
Hold your ammo, paint balls, nuts, screws, nails, or anything else. Made of heavy duty cotton canvas, this 7 Pocket chest rig can be used to hold all the extra gear in the field or in the woods ...
image286601Italian Military Brass Locks, Pack of 3
Keep your valuables, and guns locked in a safe secure place with these small brass locks. Each lock measures: 2 1/4” tall ...
image364101Pistol Belt, U.S. G.I., Metal Clasp
Keep your pistol, canteen, flashlight, knives, or pouches accessible at all times. U.S. Government Issue pistol belt is made of heavy-duty 2 1/4 in ...

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